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every full body shot of Hazel in her adorable outfits 

Hazel is a character from the 2014 graphic novel ‘Seconds’ by me, Bryan Lee O’Malley! ;)

I picked up “Seconds” in a bookstore the other day and before I knew what happened I had read over half of it. Can’t wait to get a paycheck so I can buy it and finish it!

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My friend sent me this video without context

I’m laughing so hard !

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that’s right, i’ve hit 1k thanks to some cool art stuff recently so it’s time for you guys to get some cool art stuff too!! usual shit applies, i’ll use a random number generator to get the results, etc. depending on how many notes this get there may be up to five winners! and they’ll each get one 500x750 pixel .png of a canon character, au, or oc!!

obligatory rules:

  • obviously, since this is a follower milestone celebration, must be following me
  • it’d also be cool if you followed my best bros but it’s not necessary. ren posts some amazing davekat art and robo has the cutest fucking art style as well as nice autoplay
  • likes do not count, only reblogs, and please don’t spam your followers (and please tag this with long post, giveaway, etc for blacklisting purposes). if i see someone’s url come up a bunch of times in rapid succession i’ll disqualify them
  • feel free to like the post for bookmarking/whatever though
  • ends one week from today at midnight my time (27/8 12pm gmt)
  • winners will be messaged privately then will have 24 hours to respond, so please have your ask open
  • i’ll also probably follow any blogs that look alright because my dash has been really dead recently after i went on an unfollowing spree
  • final art pieces will be posted here and tagged with your url, so if you have hyphens please give me an alternate tag to post it under
  • note: if we’re friends you won’t win this, js you can get me to draw this shit for you for free :P
  • have fun:)
  • you know how in school the last rule on anything was always to have fun, fuck that

basically, reblog this for a chance to win 1 cool art(tm)

and that’s about it!!!!!

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CNN REPORTER Fredricka Whitfield interviews the Store Owner’s Lawyer (from the store that was “”“”“”“robbed”“”“”“”“”“”” by “”“”“”“”“”mike brown”“”“”“”“”“)

As the lawyer begins to explain what really happened, cnn “”“”“loses the feed”“”“”“


that fucking tape rewinding sound this shit is sooooooo staged

oh my god thats the worst fake signal interruption ive ever seen

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this is more dramatic than a Lana Del Rey music video